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Our Team

We’re a group of stellar professionals who collaborate well to give our clients the benefit of diverse perspectives.

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If you love autonomy, can deliver reliably, and have done enough inner work to hold yourself and others accountable with kindness, you might have what it takes to join our roster of freelance designers, consultants, and coaches.

What you should know

As a small business, we have chosen to create more equity in the world by paying contractors a higher rate than most design and consulting firms. This means we do not have benefits. However, we believe that more money in your pocket affords you the ability to get the benefits that you need to design a life that works for you.

In addition, we have a consent-based model of work, where consultants are asked to express interest in new work as it comes in. This ensures the client gets a team that is passionate about working with them, and consultants are free to design their workload to suit their strengths and interests.

Contracting not your superpower? Don’t worry—we manage many of the business development and accounting details. And we do not have non-competes because we know we don’t own you. Instead, we ask that you not poach our IP or client list, and in turn, we will not poach yours. The reciprocity of our way of doing work has allowed numerous consultants to report higher life satisfaction, better financial health, and greater engagement with their work. Our belief is that we all rise together.

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