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Evans Consulting

Repositioning a consulting firm to be a leader in organizational transformation.
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Client Type

Boutique consulting firm



Services Provided

  • Accessibility
  • Brand Analysis
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design
  • Market Research
  • Messaging
  • Sub-branding
  • Website Design

Project Team

Lead Strategist

Lead Designer

Junior Designer


Evans Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that partners with large organizations to co-create healthy organizations where everyone can thrive. Brevity & Wit collaborated with Evans to perform a brand analysis and go through a visual identity overhaul.

What the Client Needed

  • A brand analysis and visual identity overhaul. The challenge was to create a brand identity that respected Evans’ roots and did not alienate existing government clients, but was flexible enough to attract and grow business with private sector clients.

What We Did

  • Internal research: Reviewed existing documents outlining brand positioning and interviewed critical stakeholders tied to the organization.
  • Market research: Conducted market research in both public and private sectors to validate the new messages Evans had already created and gleaned additional insights that may inform messaging.
  • Brand story and top line messaging: Synthesized the research garnered in the steps above and developed a short and pithy brand story that could be easily communicated to staff, clients, and external partners. It would allow Evans to grow and explore who they are under new ownership, while still maintaining a consistent brand identity.
  • Renamed the organization: Evaluated the name and recommended Evans Incorporated change their name to Evans Consulting to attract more private sector clients.
  • Visual identity creation: Developed a visual identity that included a new logo, brand guide, colors and typography, icons, PowerPoint and Word templates, and child-branded identities that tie to the greater Evans design system. The brand follows 508 compliance guidelines, meeting accessibility requirements for low-vision users.
  • Web design and development: Facilitated an information architecture workshop before designing, developing, and launching Evans Consulting’s new website. Redesigning, redeveloping, and relaunching the Evans’ website to be aligned with the new brand story and visual identity.
  • Strategic integration: Working with stakeholders ​​to help key roles understand how the new brand story would influence product and service offerings, capabilities, and culture.

Our Impact

  • The brand guidance is clear and easy to implement for Evans staff. By having clearly defined fonts, HEX codes for the color palette, and key phrases, as well as templates, the brand assets have been adopted and utilized more quickly and widely throughout the company. According to Evans’ marketing manager, “you can see the exponential adoption of the brand as new collateral comes out. The brand is fun and polished—when other employees see it in use, they’re wowed and begin to adopt it into their own work. There’s been a lot of great internal sharing of work, which has also helped to push the branding out more widely.”
  • Evans’ brand identity is very recognizable and stands out at conference trade shows. They often receive comments about the vibrancy and the energy of their booth design, which attracts attendees to the booth and gives Evans the opportunity to develop relationships. The brand palette, iconography, and key phrases strongly play into the booth’s magnetism.
  • The recognition of Evans is building due to the consistent use of branding in every interaction—conference booths, the website, social media posts, collateral, presentations, etc.
  • Between 2021 and 2022, lead generation from the website grew as more conferences were attended, social media posts were shared, more webinars were offered, LinkedIn ads were run, and lead forms have been increased on the website. Evans had seven work requests come into the website since mid-year, with three of the requests turning into contracted work.
“Brevity & Wit was very intentional and thoughtful in designing the new branding for Evans Consulting, taking the time to understand and honor the company’s past while preparing the company for its future vision. As strategic marketing partners, Brevity & Wit helped Evans clarify their ideal customer and tailor marketing language that would resonate with a scoped audience.

What I appreciate about our partnership with Brevity & Wit is the simultaneous independence and support provided. The B&W team has set us up with the tools and skills to effectively communicate Evans’ brand and design new materials that are visually consistent. Yet their team continues to support us and help us evolve our brand and messaging.”

From Amy Watson, Evans Consulting Marketing Manager

Brevity & Wit led Evans Incorporated through a brand analysis and visual identity overhaul. This included internal and market research, an updated brand story and messaging, a new visual identity, and strategic integration. The challenge was to create a brand identity that respected Evans’ roots and did not alienate existing government clients, but was flexible enough to attract and grow business with private sector clients. Therefore, Brevity & Wit centered their work on developing the brand story, which allowed Evans to see itself as a protagonist in a bigger market place.

We began with stakeholder interviews around the company, and leaned into market research of both the public and private sectors. It was clear that Evans knew who it was, but there was no real consensus on who their ideal client should be—answers varied from the Department of Defense to small nonprofits. Given this, we created a brand story that would allow them to grow and explore who they are under new ownership while still maintaining a consistent brand identity. We also evaluated the name and recommended Evans Incorporated change their name to Evans Consulting to attract more private sector clients. And we created a brand that would subvert people’s implicit biases.

Given that Evans was founded by a woman, the previous branding had a coldness that did not interfere with the “human-centered” moniker the company touted. With two male owners, we realized we needed to warm up the brand a bit so that the human-centered factor would be conveyed more easily. Thus, we provided them with a new logo and a vibrant color palette that met accessibility requirements for low-vision users. The brand guide we developed included key phrases and a sample elevator pitch, but choosing to highlight key phrases instead of creating boilerplate copy, we evoked the “human-centered” nature of the firm to ensure employees could talk about the brand both consistently and in their own voice.

Once the logo and visual brand was approved, Brevity & Wit facilitated an information architecture workshop with critical stakeholders. By emphasizing key decision-making points, we were able design and develop a user-centric website that serves Evans’ needs across the organization.

Brevity & Wit continues to partner with Evans as its branding evolves across various collateral, such as booth design and icon creation, and as the company expands and develops child brands including Global Dynamics International and Global Coaches Network.