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FCAA AIDS Philanthropic Support Report

Illustrating data that analyzes HIV-related funding from private philanthropic organizations around the world.
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Client Type

Philanthropy-serving organization


Washington, DC

Services Provided

  • Accessibility
  • Concept Design
  • Data Design
  • Infographics
  • Layout
  • Report Design

Project Team

Lead Designer

Creative Director

FCAA is a philanthropy-serving organization that pushes philanthropy to respond to HIV/AIDS. Their intent is to inform, connect, and support philanthropy in response to the global pandemic of HIV and AIDS. Brevity & Wit partnered with FCAA to design their signature resource tracking report, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV and AIDS, the most comprehensive study of its kind.

What the Client Needed

Design and production of FCAA’s signature resource tracking report, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV/AIDS. The report needed to visually depict more than 35 sets of data, charts, and infographics.

What We Did

  • Worked collaboratively with FCAA to learn about funding trends and philanthropic grantmaking throughout 2020.
  • Developed concept designs and settled on a thematic style that depicted undulation and fluctuation.
  • Designed and illustrated more than 35+ infographics and customized the thematic graphics throughout the 80+ page report.
  • Set up images to promote the report on social media.
  • Ensured that the report and graphics were accessible.

Our Impact

  • Web traffic to the report increased by 51% from 2021 to 2022. Downloads of the report increased by 68% in 2022.
“After close to 20 editions of this annual report, Sophie truly breathed new life into the visualization of this important data—making it clear, bold and attention grabbing. This process has also felt like a real partnership—from the very beginning, B&W wanted to know about the work, what our goals were, and who the audiences were. Given the trajectory of the HIV epidemic, and its disproportionate impact on inadequately supported populations—including gay men/men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, transgender people, sex workers, and general LGBTQ communities—it was very important to us to work with a company that centers principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion within their services. For that, and so much more, we are grateful!”

In 2022, Brevity & Wit partnered with Funders Concerned About AIDS (FCAA) to produce their signature resource tracking report, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV/AIDS. The report makes an effort to identify gaps, trends, and opportunities in HIV-related philanthropy. Infographics and data throughout the document captures data on more than 5,000 grants, awarded by 323 foundations in 10 countries, in an effort to identify gaps, trends, and opportunities in HIV-related philanthropy from the 2020 calendar year. FCAA first began its annual analysis of private funding to address HIV and AIDS in the year 2000.

Both Brevity & Wit’s Creative Director and Senior Visual Designer worked closely on this piece to develop a report that would be eye-catching, as well as engaging across the several infographics and data throughout the report. This is not only captured by the diverse color palette applied across every page, but also by the circular and patterned lines that parallel 2020’s undulating and tumultuous funding trends. The end product is a report that offers a visual snapshot of the HIV landscape, providing funders with new resources, new potential partners, and information about where their existing resources would make the most difference. 

After the production of the report, several of the infographics were featured across social media to showcase FCAA’s latest research.

View Brevity & Wit’s design of the: 2020 Report | 2019 Report