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Pathfinder’s Annual Reports

Capturing the annual impact of contraceptive services, comprehensive abortion care, and young people’s sexual and reproductive rights in communities around the world.
A cover of the 2022 report features a woman from India, while an interior spread depicts a woman from Ethiopia with large text reading, "In the news."
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Client Type

Global health organization


Greater Boston-area

Services Provided

  • Accessibility
  • Concept Design
  • Layout
  • Photography selection
  • Report Design

Project Team

Lead Designer

Creative Director

Pathfinder International is a global health organization with locally led and community-driven programs that support women, men, and adolescents to make their own reproductive health decisions.

Six spreads from the 2021 report are featured.

What the Client Needed

Annual reports designed for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

What We Did

  • Considered the theme, content, and imagery in order to develop a graphic concept to integrate throughout each year’s report. 
  • Researched photography that represented Pathfinder’s diverse beneficiaries.
  • Worked directly with Pathfinder to incorporate various pieces of content throughout the report (e.g., infographics, maps, photos, typography, etc.).
  • Built several, 20+ page annual reports for Pathfinder.
Three spreads from the 2021 report are featured.

Our Impact

  • Pathfinder’s 2021 Annual Report was listed on EveryAction’s 6 Annual reports to inspire your organization.
  • The 2022 report is firmly representing Pathfinder’s visual brand, and the specific design was intentionally coordinated with their new website launch. Together with the site, this publication reinforces Pathfinder’s new brand identity.
  • Using the branding from the report, Pathfinder had high engagement online and across social media platforms, such as this Tweet.
Three spreads from the 2020 report are featured.
“Working with the Brevity & Wit team is an absolute pleasure. They are extremely creative, and responsive, allowing for client input while guiding the overall look/feel of the end product. Our last two Annual Reports were extremely well received by staff, donors, and key colleague organizations—and this is due to Brevity & Wits creative vision and consistent work to make our final reports a real representation of our organization, its values, and its work.”

Sarah Peck, Communications Advisor

For the past few years, Brevity & Wit has partnered with Pathfinder International to produce their annual reports. Each design has consisted of a different theme, title, and graphic concept that accurately depicted and reflected the year’s performance.

2022 Forging Pathways to Equity

2022’s report design built off of Pathfinder’s logo, using the triangle as a graphic element throughout. Some of the triangles even formed “pathways” across various spreads. Similar to the previous report designs, we curated diverse images to represent the range of beneficiaries and communities Pathfinder works with. Read the full report here.

2021 Pushing Boundaries

The graphic theme for 2021 played on the word “boundaries” by using outlined words throughout the section titles. Overlapping typography symbolized movement and  represented a positive push towards Pathfinder’s global health goals. Read the full report here.

2020 Safeguarding Reproductive Health

This design was created with COVID-19 in mind—it included transparent overlays, paralleling the use of covering up with a mask. The color palette was derived from Pathfinder’s branding and was intentionally aligned with the colorful, large-scale imagery throughout the report. Read the full report here.