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Reestablishing a brand to better fit the members it serves.
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Client Type

Small organization



Services Provided

  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Messaging
  • Report Design
  • Templates
  • Website Design

Project Team

Creative Director

Supporting Designer

The Peace and Security Funders Group (PSFG) connects and supports the global community of funders advancing peace and security efforts in order to build a more peaceful, just, and equitable world. As they were starting to embed their commitment to equity & justice in the programs, they sought a design firm to partner with on a brand refresh and new website, along with new brand language to match their new core values: courage, equity, and relationships.

What the Client Needed

  • Refreshed brand language paired with new branding that included a logo, color palette, typography, and a brand guide.
  • A new Squarespace website that reflected the brand.
  • A brand rollout plan along with brand materials and templates.

What We Did

  • Developed refreshed brand language that would help PSFG engage audiences across all platforms. Johanna Weber was the communications strategist on this project, and she helped revamp PSFG’s language to reflect their newly articulated values.
  • Created a new logo, color palette, typography, and accessible brand identity guide.
  • Designed and built a new Squarespace website and trained staff on how to maintain it.
  • Built several templates using the new brand.
  • Developed a branding rollout plan.

As they started to embed their commitment to equity & justice into their programs, PSFG sought out Brevity & Wit to partner with on a brand refresh and new website, along with new brand language to match their new core values: courage, equity, and relationships.

Our goal was to create a comprehensive visual brand for PSFG that brought its story, impact, and value to the surface. We held in-depth discussions with PSFG to ensure we fully understood the brand’s current positioning and future trajectory. Once we moved into the visual design process, we offered PSFG options and opportunities to provide feedback and discuss the visual direction.

We took PSFG’s newly established Mission & Goals and Statement of Values language and centered them as cornerstones of PSFG communications and materials. This included development of a brand narrative, brand voice/tone, and guidance for using language and visuals in a respectful, inclusive manner. These assets helped PSFG deploy their message and engage audiences across all platforms.

Once the new brand language was complete, we built upon the brand recognition of the current PSFG logo, and created new logo concepts that could bring PSFG into a fresh new era of the organization. We kept the peace dove theme of the previous branding, but updated and abstracted it to create the logo icon you see now. The dove is in the shape of a shield to hint at security as well as peace.

For the new website, the PSFG wanted to keep the process light and simple. Because they needed a brief site with only a few pages, we built it using Squarespace—making edits and new pages easy to create for them. Keeping more or less the same content and information architecture as the existing site, together we chose a new Squarespace template that would serve PSFG well for the next several years and be a reflection of the newly evolved brand. After the website was final, we trained PSFG staff on how to confidently maintain it.

With a goal to have a fun, inclusive, and comprehensive rollout plan for the new brand, We worked together to create a clear and achievable roadmap to implement and actualize the new brand. We wanted to create energy in the PSFG community to create a bright future for the organization and the people it helps. Ultimately, we created branding that fit PSFG’s personality, enhanced their work’s impact on the community they serve, and set them up for success as the organization grows and evolves.