Amnesty International’s Global Human Rights Education program approached Brevity & Wit to help them better convey the data and results from their international program to internal stakeholders.


Amnesty International has a robust human rights education program, training young people all over the world. In recent years, they have started measuring the impact of this program against its Theory of Change, showing how the global, regional-specific programs and national entities are moving the needle on raising awareness about human rights and getting participants more engaged in making a difference in their countries.


Create a compelling internal report with data visualizations that would concisely convey program successes to internal stakeholders. Create a PowerPoint presentation that was malleable enough for country staff to customize.


Co-create a timeline and schedule of deliverables that allowed both Amnesty International and Brevity & Wit to work in tandem and to their strengths while staying within budget.


With a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities on both sides, Brevity & Wit first created compelling data visualizations while Amnesty International worked on completing the data analysis.

Brevity & Wit then condensed the written report into a brief snapshot that could be shared with high-level staff, taking into account the data that Amnesty International felt was most important to highlight.

We then formatted the report, and worked together to ensure the layout, graphics, stories, and selected photos best represented the findings.

After the English version of the report was created, Brevity & Wit created a malleable PowerPoint presentation that would allow HQ to present findings on the program overall and country staff to present findings most relevant to their country context.

Finally, after receiving the French and Spanish translations of the report, Brevity & Wit re-formatted the report for those languages and delivered the final product to the client, including design files so that Amnesty International could use the data visualizations in other materials as desired.


The completed report had a sophisticated look and feel, helping to drive internal engagement for the Human Rights Education program within Amnesty International. The client was also pleased, writing, “[The report, snapshot, and the PowerPoint presentation] look great and we are really proud to share them with our colleagues! We are very happy with the end results and have already had very positive feedback! It was a real pleasure to work with you, thanks for your flexibility and collaboration!”