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DEI Change Agent Certification Program

Brought to you by Brevity & Wit
DEI Change Agent Certification Program - Paige Robnett - Brevity & Wit

Brevity & Wit helps organizations transform their cultures through inclusive change management. By using behavior change science and systems change best practices, we teach our clients how to identify the root causes of their challenges and build trust with staff so that the change they desire actually sticks.

Brevity & Wit’s DEI Change Agent Certification program is a cost-effective alternative to our traditional consulting model that can build your organization’s internal capacity to manage change inclusively. Each course equips leaders with practical strategies, tools, and skills to create and implement customized DEI Action Plans, tailored to each participant’s scope of influence.

This program is a tiered certification.
Participants are encouraged to sign up for one or both courses.


The Foundations of Inclusive Change Management

April 4 - May 23, 2024

Learn the fundamental knowledge and tools to build a strong DEI change-initiative.

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Implementing Inclusive Change Management

September 12 - October 12, 2024

Learn how to implement DEI initiatives, navigate challenges and make change stick.

*Participation in 101 or equivalent experience required
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Who is this for?

Middle managers leading DEI efforts, DEI Council or Committee Leads, DEI Managers or Directors, Affinity Group (ERG/BRG) Leaders

Cohort size:

Under 20 participants


3-5 hours per week


100% virtual; Instructor-led sessions

Course structure:

  • Eight weekly 90-minute sessions (Thursdays 12 – 1:30pm ET)
  • A self-guided learning toolkit with reflection questions and exercises
  • Four 60-minute meetings outside of weekly sessions with a small group (3 – 5) of program participants
  • Complementary group coaching/office hours throughout the program
  • Optional discounted 1:1 leadership coaching package


Each course costs $3,000 per participant. Participants may also sign up to work 1:1 with a Brevity & Wit Leadership Coach for a discounted price. Email for details.

If you are paying out of pocket and cannot afford the program cost, you are encouraged to apply for a program scholarship. Brevity & Wit is offering two scholarships of $2,500, which will reduce the participant fee to $500.

Program Discounts
Participants will receive a $500 discount* if:

  • They pay in advance for both courses (101 + 201)
  • Their organization sends 2 or more participants per course
  • They work for a non-profit organization

*Only one discount applies per participant. Discounts do not apply to scholarship recipients.

Program Curriculum

101: The Foundations of Inclusive Change Management

Course Objectives
Participants will be able to:

  • Explain the foundational principles of inclusive change management.
  • Assess and explain their organization’s foundational DEI maturity.
  • Identify barriers to DEI progress and solutions to inclusive change.
  • Begin to implement a personalized DEI Action Plan tailored to your scope of influence with SMART goals, clear next steps, and accountability mechanisms.

Course Modules

  1. Program Kick-off
  2. The Basics: Changing Human Behavior + Inclusive Change Management
  3. Trust: The Foundation for DEI Change
  4. Leadership (Part 1): Inclusive Behaviors
  5. Leadership (Part 2): Explore Power + Your Scope of Influence
  6. Vision: Clarify What Success Looks Like
  7. Structure: How to Resource + Budget Your DEI Initiative
  8. Commit to Action

Modules subject to change based on emerging challenges or threats to DEI and participant needs.

201: Implementing Inclusive Change Management

Prerequisite: Participation in the 101 course or equivalent experience required.

Course Objectives
Participants will be able to:

  • Recall the foundational elements and best practices to implement inclusive change management.
  • Create a unique DEI Action Plan tailored to your scope of influence with realistic DEI outcomes that map to their organization’s mission and DEI foundational maturity.
  • Apply practical skills and tools to begin to implement their organization’s DEI Action Plan.
  • Navigate and address challenges or barriers to DEI progress or barriers.

We strongly recommend participants seek out sponsorship from a senior leader before the program starts. Proactive buy-in and feedback from senior leaders will allow participants to more effectively implement the DEI Action Plan they create in this course.

Course Modules

  1. Program Kick-off
  2. 101 Review: Build a Strong Foundation for Inclusive Change Management
  3. Define Equitable Outcomes
  4. Identify Obstacles
  5. Implement Your DEI Action Plan
  6. Measure Progress
  7. Address Challenges
  8. Sustain Change

Modules subject to change based on emerging challenges or threats to DEI.

“If you truly want to transform your DEI initiatives and propel your organization, Paige has the vision, understanding and skills to realize your goals. More than a teacher or consultant, Paige supports and empowers leaders to see the opportunity before us. Her smart, inclusive focus on core needs and her solutions-oriented guidance are sure to help your fluency and capability rocket. What’s more, her savvy business instincts align with profound emotional intelligence, yielding us better for having worked with her. I wholeheartedly recommend Paige’s expertise to any leader serious about embedding equity throughout their culture. She is certain to optimize your DEI investment by driving change through compassion and strategy.”

Ernesto Aguilar, Executive Director of Radio Programming and Content DEI Initiatives, KQED

“Paige is a truly dynamic and skilled DEI consultant. In her high-spirited and caring manner, she challenges you in all the right ways, asking questions that move her clients to greater self-awareness and honesty. As a project manager, she helped the leadership team at STLPR stay organized and focused on the task at hand. She is also enthusiastic, kind, and FUN. We did all of our work on video calls together, and only regret that we have not yet met her in person. Her passion for this work is evident and infectious, and we are thankful to have her on our team!.”

Tina Pamintuan, NPR Board Member, CEO of St. Louis Public Radio

“Through Paige and Minal's expertise and ability to create a safe place for management and staff, Brevity & Wit has enabled National Public Media to bring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into every aspect of our work and culture. This work has helped enhance National Public Media’s business performance and work environment in measurable ways.”

Gina Garrubbo President and CEO, National Public Media

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what course to sign up for?

    We recommend applying to the course based on your expertise and experience with managing complex organization change initiatives. In general, we expect most folks to start with the 101 course.

  • I submitted my application! What’s next?

    Brevity & Wit reviews and accepts applications on a rolling basis. If your application is approved, Brevity & Wit will reach out with an invoice within 7 – 10 business days. Invoices must be paid before the course begins.

  • How will this program benefit my organization?

    This program equips leaders with the fundamentals of inclusive change management, empowering them to create (and sustain) long-term culture change. Leaders who get certified as DEI Agents will decrease your organization’s dependency on an external consultant and will increase internal capacity to create lasting DEI change. Participants leave with practical tools, including DEI Action Planning and project management templates, they will immediately be able to bring back to your organization.

  • How will this program benefit me?

    You’ll leave each course with:

    • A certification as a DEI Change Agent.
    • An expanded community of practice of other committed DEI changemakers with whom you’ll be able to continue to lean on even after the program ends.
    • Cutting-edge best practices to manage DEI change-initiatives inclusively and effectively.
    • Access to all program content including module recordings, slides and workbooks.
    • The ability to apply feedback and coaching from DEI experts and peers who share similar challenges.
    • A tailored list of Brevity & Wit’s recommended resources to scale and sustain DEI change.
  • Who are the live session facilitators and guest experts?

    Curriculum was developed by Brevity & Wit strategists with a collective 25+ years of experience in leading complex DEI change initiatives. Paige Robnett, DEI Strategist & Leadership Coach, is the lead program architect and facilitator. Brevity & Wit Partners Minal Bopaiah and Jakob Wolf-Barnett serve as guest speakers.

  • What is the criteria to participate?

    You are encouraged to apply if you are:

    • A leader with any type of formal or informal DEI responsibility (e.g., DEI Council or Committee Leads, DEI Managers, Affinity Group (ERG/BRG) Leaders, DEI Directors)
    • Able to attend at least 6 out of the 8 weekly sessions
    • Curious about advancing DEI in complex systems
    • Committed to furthering your knowledge of change management
    • Open minded and interested in challenging the status quo
  • Does everyone get accepted?

    Not everyone gets accepted into the program. Brevity & Wit reads applications carefully to make sure participants are committed to and have the bandwidth to actively participate. We also want to make sure program participants register for a program that maps to their level of readiness and expertise. If we have questions or concerns about your application, we will call you to discuss.

Helping your organization become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive is hard work. Apply now to get the skills and tools to make it easier!