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Graphic Design & Branding

Brevity & Wit provides full-service graphic design to our clients. True to our mission, we embed inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility into everything we do.

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Full-Service Graphic Design

Our graphic designers can design anything you need! Some of our most popular requests include:

  • PDF reports
  • Slide decks
  • Logo and brand design
  • Art direction
  • Motion graphic videos
  • Event spaces & booths
  • Branded swag
  • Small, brochure-like websites
  • Light UX and web development

Check out our Portfolio to see samples of our work!

Skill-building Workshops

For teams looking to build their skills in inclusive design, we offer virtual and in-person workshops. Some of our most popular workshops are:

Selecting Inclusive Images
Our 90-minute, hands-on workshop can help your team learn how to search for and select diverse and inclusive photos that will make your organization more appealing to diverse audiences. 

Unconscious Bias in Marketing & Branding
More than any other time in human history, consumers are vetting companies based on their social and political values. This workshop helps teams recognize unconscious bias and practice skills to mitigate bias in their work so that you can grow your brand with new, diverse audiences.

Consulting Services

Our designers occasionally serve as advising consultants and thought partners to design teams looking for a higher level of engagement to develop inclusive design skills. A typical engagement might include monthly critiques or helping to develop new imagery for a brand.

Authentic Branding

Want to elevate your brand authentically? Our branding process uncovers the true story of your company so that we can co-create a brand that provides direction for all areas of your business. Our design team then uses that data to create a brand that’s inclusive and authentic to your mission and values.

Read our Case Study to learn more.

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