Get your team to think different!

Looking to inspire your team to be more inclusive? Unsure how to begin to address issues of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion with your team? 

We offer keynotes and workshops that can help build a more equitable and inclusive culture in your team or organization. Combined with our consulting services, we help you “see the system” so that your interventions can be more practical and work with human nature.

Unconscious Bias in Marketing & Branding

More than any other time in human history, consumers are vetting companies based on their social and political values. Unconscious bias in your marketing and branding can lead to tone-deaf ads and PR nightmares, and keep your company in the dark ages as your competitors branch out into new markets and innovate to fit new consumer needs. Discover what unconscious bias is and inspire your team to adopt skills to mitigate bias in their work so that you can grow your brand with new, diverse audiences.

Practical Inclusion: How to Communicate, Design, and Manage for Equity

“Middle management is where diversity and inclusion go to die.” For years, leaders and consultants have touted this “fact” as if there’s nothing to be done except more training and motivational speeches. But what if we’re going about it all wrong? Discover the fundamentals of behavior change communications and design thinking, and how more user-centric messages can help catalyze the culture change you want to see in your organization.