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Between awareness and transformation, there is a gap.

Brevity & Wit helps organizations bridge that gap so that culture change becomes a reality. We do this through a unique approach that combines human-centered design, behavior change science, and the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.

We’re the firm you hire when you’re done asking “Why should we change?” and start asking “How do we change?”

At the start of every partnership, we prioritize leadership development, vision setting, and an understanding of the resources dedicated to any organizational DEI effort. That helps inform the development of a strategic plan where the focus is on re-designing systems that lead to observable behavior change. Throughout this process, we help organizations communicate the change effectively and set metrics for accountability.

Brevity & Wit's theory of change

Leadership Development

Leadership Workshops
Over the course of three (3) virtual sessions, leaders will gain the foundational knowledge and awareness needed to lead teams equitably and inclusively. We recommend that sessions be scheduled no more than two weeks apart, for continuity of learning.

Leadership Coaching
Brevity & Wit has a bench of leadership coaches who work with people looking to develop inclusive leadership skills. Approaches vary by coach, but each of our coaches is certified and fluent in how issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion relate to effective leadership behaviors. 

Leadership Assessments
Many leaders find a formal assessment gives them the framework they need to get more out of their coaching experience. We are certified to administer the Intercultural Development Inventory and Diamond Power Index, both of which can help inform a leader’s style and growth. 

Vision Setting
Brevity & Wit works with organizations to create a vision for DEI at their organization. We typically suggest this session follows our three-part inclusive leadership series, though the participants in the visioning sessions can include leaders, influencers, power-brokers and staff. This series of workshops, meetings, and qualitative data gathering helps organizations set a North Star for DEI work that is realistic, thereby fostering trust and momentum for change. 

DEI Executive Forum
Brevity & Wit has a special focus on supporting public media with DEI change efforts. To that end, our Founder & Principal Consultant Minal Bopaiah has partnered with Greater Public to lead a 6-month cohort learning experience for general managers and CEOs in public media looking to develop their leadership skills and an actionable strategic plan. The Forum, as it’s called, starts in February and meets virtually one Friday a month until July, when it has its last session in-person as part of the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference. Interested GMs and CEOs should contact Greater Public for more details.

Inclusive Change Management

We are utterly pragmatic in our approach to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We don’t believe change happens by changing acronyms or teaching people a bunch of academic jargon. Instead, we focus on developing deep, authentic partnerships with our clients, starting with leadership. We can then transition from leadership development to change management by gathering the perspective of staff through employee and culture assessments and communicating strategically. We then scale efforts by focusing on strategic planning that centers observable behaviors and system design. Since context matters, we respond to the unique needs of our clients with offerings like part-time executive support and other bespoke services. And because what gets measured gets done, we can help you develop metrics for accountability that are informative and actionable.

Employee & Culture Assessments
It’s hard to know where to go if you don’t know where you are. Brevity & Wit conducts employee and culture surveys to establish benchmarks and inform DEI strategy. Assessment findings provide critical information to guide an organization’s DEI efforts, ensuring a cohesive and well executed plan. The design and implementation of these assessments varies by client, but often pairs quantitative surveys with qualitative data from focus groups and interviews. Assessments are then used to inform the level of intervention according to our theory of change.

Strategic Communications
There is a difference between what you say and what people hear. When engaging in Inclusive Change Management, we assign a communications consultant to each project. Our communications strategists know how to craft strategic messaging that speaks to people’s values so that your message really lands, making the change you want to see a reality.

Strategic Planning
Brevity & Wit uses a less is more approach to engage key stakeholders and develop an effective, easy to understand DEI strategy. We help our clients understand that dedicating time and resources to this work is vital. Our approach, shaped by expertise in organization design and experiences working in different industry settings, sets achievable and measurable goals that push organizations forward.

Part-Time Executive Support
Brevity & Wit consultants can work with organizations on a retainer allowing them to become semi-embedded within the organization, serving as a part-time chief diversity officer or perhaps an entire DEI department. This model can be particularly helpful when companies want to operationalize the principles of equity and inclusion, or if they are unsure what type of support they need. The consistent availability of our consultant(s) allows for the development of deeper relationships over time, which is of value when engaging with individuals not yet comfortable with or resistant to change. 

Metrics for Accountability
We believe what gets measured, gets done. For each strategic priority, Brevity & Wit can help organizations identify specific outcomes against which to assess progress. These may include quantitative and/or qualitative methods, and will likely include both progress and success metrics.

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