Event Collateral to Engage Community Leaders, Supporters & Advocates in the Work of Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is an independent, international organization that works to uphold human dignity and advance the cause of human rights worldwide. It is fully supported by contributions from individuals and foundations worldwide and does not accept any money from governments in order to maintain its independence. Their San Francisco office engages with Bay Area philanthropists, leaders, and human rights advocates.

With a lean staff and tight budget for fundraising collateral, Human Rights Watch was looking for a strategy + design firm that could create engaging event collateral for its annual fundraiser, as well as design and code an engaging email invitation.

Since Brevity & Wit’s designers consistently complete high quality work in shorter time spans, we were able to deliver engaging materials under budget for Human Rights Watch, despite having an above-average market rate.

Over a four-month period, Brevity & Wit created invitations, programs, images, and email campaigns for Human Rights Watch that were consistent with the organization’s brand standards. 

Our digital expertise made it possible for us to advise Human Rights Watch on best practices for email invitations, which included coding the email and uploading a guest list to an email service provider to track and ensure better deliverability rates.

Working with multiple departments, we were able to turnaround email campaigns and proofs in less than 24 hours, a critical factor to success given the tight deadlines the fundraising team was working under.

The San Francisco office was so impressed with our work, they referred us to the Silicon Valley office for additional work. In addition, the team was able to track deliverability and opens on the email invitation and impress their high net worth guests with engaging and professional event collateral.

All design by Brevity & Wit for Human Rights Watch.