The Seltzer Law Firm: Identity and Site Re-design

The Seltzer Law Firm, concentrating on employment law and civil rights litigation, came to Brevity & Wit with a need to upgrade its brand identity, which included a new logo and updated website. The designs needed to be clear and concise, and easy for the law firm’s clients to navigate.

First starting with the logo, the most critical element of brand identity, Brevity & Wit combined a traditional “law-firm-esc” serif type with a modern and bold label. It was created with a timeless aesthetic, as well as knowing the logo needed convey trustworthiness.

See below for the former logo (left) followed by the logotype designed by Brevity & Wit (right).

The former site went from having non-responsive, text-dense pages to a muted color palette with images to break up the content. Clear call-to-actions are highlighted on each page to lead current and future clients in the correct direction. Brevity & Wit focused the recreation of the new identity on the law firm’s tagline —  “Attentive. Practical. Strategic.” — to create a final product that was clean, modern, and user friendly. All designs © Brevity & Wit, LLC. Scroll through the updated and older designs below, or check out the new website here.
Screencaptures from The Seltzer Law Firm’s previous website: