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Where our smart people say smart and funny things about IDEA, communications, organizational change, design & other things…
June 2, 2020

Draw the Line: How Racial Injustice Shows Up at Work

By Minal Bopaiah

As someone who speaks and advises organizations about the intersection of DEI and marketing and communications, it is an odd, conflicting experience seeing companies rush to issue statements…

A graphic of two men virtually working. One sits at a desk with a computer, the other sits in a large browser window.
April 15, 2020

5 Digital Marketing Fundamentals for B2B Organizations Transitioning to Working from Home

By Minal Bopaiah

For organizations that usually rely on conferences or face-to-face interactions for sales, marketing, fundraising or philanthropy, transitioning to an all-virtual marketplace can be daunting. By focusing on fundamentals,…

Outdoor seats with alternating tape marks of checks in green and Xs in red.
April 1, 2020

Library of Behavioral Nudges Being Used to Combat Coronavirus

By Minal Bopaiah

Curated by Brevity & Wit, this page offers great examples how designers and behavior change specialists are teaming up to battle Covid-19. Re-Integration As the United States begins to…

A graphic of a woman's hands with soap suds in between.
March 15, 2020

10 Ways Inclusive Leaders Can Mitigate Bias When Communicating About Coronavirus

By Minal Bopaiah

How organizations committed to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion can uphold their commitment during times of uncertainty and fear. We live in uncertain times. While that statement may…

A photo of a rice paddy field, palm trees, and open blue sky.
May 24, 2018

Color Schemes of Bali: A Nomad’s Inspiration

By Sophie Greenbaum

There isn’t a better way to seek design inspiration than traveling and working in a new destination, and Brevity & Wit’s Visual Design Consultant Sophie Greenbaum had the…