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Diversity Calendar

Disrupt bias with joy with Brevity & Wit’s 2024 Diversity Calendar!

Images are powerful. From portraiture to stock photos, every image can either perpetuate or disrupt bias through its composition, lighting, framing, and use.

Brevity & Wit’s Diversity Calendar challenges stereotypes with digital art that centers and celebrates humanity’s diversity. After all, if stock photos are meant to represent everyday people, then everyone is a potential stock photo model.

This year’s calendar is also interactive – a QR code for each month links to more information or resources about the celebratory days and months we’ve chosen to highlight, such as World Braille Day or Black History Month. We have chosen to highlight holidays and observances most relevant to US audiences, given the physical limitations of a printed calendar, but there’s room to write-in your own.

We’ve also looked to artists who identify as members of that month’s celebrated community to inspire the style and artwork of the page. Some artistic styles may be familiar to you, like our homage to Keith Haring in June for Pride Month. Some artists may be lesser known, like Allie Guard, an artist with Down syndrome whose artistic style we pay respect to in July for Disability Pride Month.

Order your calendar today for a year’s worth of inspiration and joy!

Calendars usually ship within 3-5 business days. Please contact us directly for any shipping requests outside the continental US.

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About the Design

The 2024 Diversity Calendar was designed by Brevity & Wit’s Creative Director, Acacia Betancourt, and Senior Visual Designer, Sophie Greenbaum. Using a photo collage technique, the unique aesthetic seen in this calendar is rarely seen in other print materials spotlighting diversity and is a true statement piece. Spiral-bound on acid-free paper, the 4-color calendar highlights major holidays for various cultural groups, and is accessible for people with low vision.