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A well-designed talk can help boost a sense of belonging among your community or constituents. Our speakers will have people sitting up straight and taking notes because we work with you to ensure the subject matter is on point for the audience, creating an unforgettable experience.

Popular Topics

What Does Good DEI Look Like?

Based on her popular blog post “10 Ways DEI Went Wrong and What to Do Now,” award-winning author Minal Bopaiah provides an overview of best practices for DEI and what to avoid. By debunking common myths and getting to the heart of this work, Minal will ensure leaders and staff walk away with a shared language and framework for effective DEI and how to scale this work so that it sticks!

Attendees will leave with:

  • A shared understanding of what makes “good” DEI

  • Knowledge of common pitfalls to avoid

  • How to begin implementing effective and sustainable solutions

Gender & Equity in the Workplace

What does it take to design a workplace that works for all genders? In this compelling talk, equity strategist and award-winning author Minal Bopaiah unveils a human-centered design approach to redesigning work using its core building blocks: power, money & time. Discover how to get closer to your gender parity goals and create a workplace where everyone thrives!

Attendees will leave with:

  • A practical understanding of equity and how it relates to equality
  • A deep understanding of why the current design of work is not working for most of us, including men
  • Concrete suggestions for designing a gender equitable workplace
    Inspiration to keep working towards gender equity!

All About Equity

Equity is the new buzz word, but ask most people what it means, and you’ll get gobbledygook. Thankfully, award-winning author Minal Bopaiah wrote THE book on equity, explaining what it is and what it isn’t, and why it doesn’t mean throwing out equality. Through storytelling, real talk, and, well, wit, Minal leaves audiences grounded, inspired, and excited to pursue equity in their work!

Unconscious Bias in Marketing & Branding

More than any other time in human history, consumers are vetting companies based on their social and political values. Unconscious bias in your marketing and branding can lead to insensitive ads and PR nightmares. Want to stay out of the dark ages? Discover what unconscious bias is and how to mitigate bias so you can attract new audiences and avoid being the next embarrassing headline.

Debunking the Model Minority Myth: A Systems Lens on the Asian American Experience

Asian Americans are the most affluent minority group in the United States. While the experience of different Asian American groups — from South and East Asian immigrants to first and second generation Americans — is not monolithic, the myth of being a “model minority” follows most of them. And yet, it’s still a myth, formed by an inequitable system.

Drawing on her own family’s experience, as well as research and data, award-winning author and Asian American entrepreneur Minal Bopaiah illuminates the system behind the Asian American experience and shows how it leads to both oppression and privilege. Her intersectional systems lens allows audiences to better understand their own stories of success, and how a systems lens is necessary for effective storytelling that opens doors in people’s minds.

Audiences will leave with:

  • A deeper understanding of the Asian American experience and how it’s been used to sow division
  • An understanding of equity, and why it must work hand-in-hand with equality
  • Concrete tips on when marginalized and privileged groups should share their story and when they should not


Radical Product Thinking: Innovating for equity

How do you make sure that your work creates an equitable world? Through deliberate effort and being intentional about the change you want to bring about. But what does this mean in practice? This thought-provoking talk by Radhika Dutt, author of Radical Product Thinking, starts with inspiring examples of organizations and individuals that have taken a step-by-step and methodical approach to creating equitable change. Most importantly, whether you’re a leader or an individual contributor, you’ll walk away with practical tools that you can apply right away to innovate for equity.

BRAVE Leadership: How to lead equitably and inclusively in uncertain times

How do we translate knowledge and awareness about diversity, equity, and inclusion into meaningful practice? In a world where uncertainty is the norm, it’s common to become reactive and lose sight of all of those interesting ideas and concepts we’ve learned in leadership training. Even with the best of intentions, we default to what is familiar and comfortable. In this engaging talk, Brevity & Wit Principal Consultant Shilpa Alimchandani challenges attendees to be BRAVE: Bold, Respectful, Accountable, Vulnerable, and Empathetic. Using compelling examples, Shilpa describes how to interrupt old habits and replace them with equitable and inclusive practices.

Testimonials from our keynote talks

“Minal has a wonderful, practical, honest and humble approach. I loved that her story examples were about her own bias, rather than illustrating other people’s. She really modeled how to talk about this and try to mitigate the inevitable role of emotion.”
“Shilpa has a wonderful way of explaining complex and difficult topics in an easy to understand and very positive way. It was fabulous.”
“Radhika gave a compelling and engaging presentation on the importance of vision, in all levels and types of work. She gave easy-to-consume lessons and frameworks to immediately take action. The best part: she included heartwarming stories from around the globe to showcase truly inspiring examples.”

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