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Graphic Design & Branding

Feel like you’re walking through a minefield to create content that doesn’t offend, appropriate, or tokenize? We get it. This is hard, and you’re probably exhausted. Let our team of kickass creatives show you how to use an IDEA lens through every aspect of your work to create inclusive designs that sparkle.
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We can design just about anything, but here's a list of frequently requested items:


PDF Reports

Templates (Adobe, Microsoft, Google & Canva)

Slide Decks (PowerPoint, Google Slides or Canva)

Exhibit Booths & Event Collateral


Social Media Graphics

Event & Campaign Branding

Web Design (Wordpress & Squarespace)

Marketing Collateral

Product Packaging

Print Magazines



Visual Accessibility Brand Audit

Want to ensure everyone can interact with your brand? Overwhelmed by visual accessibility standards? By auditing your logo, typography, color palette, and visual design systems for color contrast, visibility, legibility, and screen-reader compatibility, our designers can ensure your branded content is visible and viewable to everyone it touches. (Note: This audit focuses on the visual accessibility of brand elements; it does not include a full accessibility audit of your website.) This relatively simple audit is a great starting point for brands new to accessibility and will help you engage new audiences and customers.

Skill Building Workshops:

For teams looking to build their skills in inclusive design, we offer virtual and in-person workshops. Some of our most popular workshops are:

Selecting Inclusive Images

In this 90-minute, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to spot bias and White supremacy in images, and then discover how to search for and select diverse and inclusive photos.

Unconscious Bias in Marketing & Branding

More than any other time in human history, consumers are vetting companies based on their social and political values. This workshop helps teams recognize unconscious bias and practice skills to mitigate bias in their work so that your brand can stay relevant.

Inclusive Design Education & Critiques

Looking for a higher level of engagement to develop inclusive design skills? Our designers can serve as advisors or thought partners to design departments. Typical engagements might include a yearlong of education partnered with monthly critiques, providing feedback on a social media campaign, or advising on new brand imagery.

Authentic Branding

Want to elevate your brand authentically? Our branding process uncovers the true story of your company so that we can co-create a brand that provides direction for all areas of your business. Our design team then uses that data to create a brand that’s inclusive and authentic to your mission and values.