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Organization Design

Change is the only constant, said Heraclitus. So you better learn how to manage it.

The ability to flex and be resilient are the biggest assets any organization can have today. We will help you design an organization that can manage whatever gets thrown at you– inclusively.

Between awareness and transformation, there is a gap. We help you bridge that gap.

Our approach combines:

  • human-centered design (because, as one HR leader put it, “people be peopling”),
  • behavior change science (because if information was enough to change behavior, we would all floss), and
  • the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (because change without inclusion is just evolved oppression).

We’re the firm you hire when you’re done asking “Why should we change?” and start asking “How do we change?

At the start of every partnership, we prioritize leadership development, vision setting, and an understanding of the resources available to the organizational change effort, particularly DEI-focused initiatives in the workplace. That helps inform the development of an organizational strategy where the emphasis is on re-designing systems that lead to observable behavior change. Throughout this process, we work with leaders and teams at all levels to operationalize their strategy, communicate the change effectively and set metrics for accountability.

A Note on Acronyms

Our preferred acronym for the work we do is IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) because we believe there’s no equity without disability justice. Sometimes we use DEI because it’s more familiar to clients (and has better search results). We describe ourselves as acronym agnostic, and will gladly use the preferred acronym of a client organization while also including accessibility in our approach.

Organization Design Services

Leadership Development

Because change starts at the top!

Inclusive Change Management

We are utterly pragmatic in our approach to advancing IDEA.