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Inclusive Change Management

We are utterly pragmatic in our approach to advancing IDEA. We don’t believe change happens by changing acronyms or teaching people a bunch of academic jargon.

Instead, we focus on developing deep, authentic partnerships with our clients, starting with leadership. When the organization is ready to move to systems transformation, we start by gathering the perspective of staff through employee and culture assessments. We then scale efforts by focusing on developing an organizational strategy that centers observable behaviors and system design.

Throughout our work with you, our strategic communications consultants can provide support on messaging that decreases resistance. We can also provide part-time executive support and other bespoke services as needed. And because what gets measured gets done, we can help you develop metrics for accountability that are informative and actionable.

Employee & Culture Surveys

It’s hard to know where to go if you don’t know where you are. Brevity & Wit conducts employee perception and culture surveys to inform DEI strategy. Survey findings provide critical information to guide an organization’s DEI efforts, ensuring a cohesive and well executed plan. The design and implementation of these surveys varies by client, but we often pair quantitative data with qualitative data from focus groups and interviews.

Strategic Communications

We’re one of the few DEI firms specializing in strategic communications for diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. Our communications strategists know how to craft strategic messaging that gets past people’s barriers, and can then help you deploy it through the right channels. We avoid insufferable jargon and fancy words, instead using real talk to speak to people’s values and humanity.

Organizational Strategy

Brevity & Wit uses a less is more approach when it comes to organizational strategy. After all, if your outcomes don’t match your resources, what you have is a vision board, not a strategic plan. We’ll make sure that your plan is actionable and realistic, because when it comes to inclusive change, you want to underpromise and overdeliver.

Part-Time Executive Support

Not sure which consulting firm to hire? Need overall support to transform your culture? Brevity & Wit consultants can work with organizations on a retainer basis, allowing them to serve as a part-time diversity officer, inclusive marketing director, internal communications lead or other functions, depending on your need and our availability.

This model can be particularly helpful when companies want to operationalize the principles of equity and inclusion but are unsure what type of support they need. The consistent availability of our consultant(s) allows for the development of deeper relationships over time, which is of value when engaging with individuals resistant to change.

Metrics for Accountability

Generally, what gets measured, gets done. For each strategic priority, Brevity & Wit can help organizations identify specific outcomes that indicate progress and success. For best results, we often recommend quantitative and qualitative methods.