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Leadership Development

Because change starts at the top!

Leadership Workshops

Our leadership development approach foregoes “one and done” workshops in favor of a series of workshops to help get the learning to stick with leaders and managers. And our human-centered design process allows us to tailor workshops for an organization’s needs.

Our more traditional approach involves a three-part series of two-hour virtual sessions, where leaders gain the foundational knowledge and awareness needed to lead teams equitably and inclusively. These sessions are great for executive teams and middle managers.

Our more iterative approach involves a series of four to six one-hour meetings with leaders with about 30 minutes of content, followed by a 30-minute discussion where leaders then apply what they heard to their day-to-day challenges. This approach allows us to reiterate messages and learnings during critical points in the organization’s transformation process, thereby getting inclusion into the DNA of an organization.


For best results, we recommend that workshops be scheduled no more than two weeks apart, for continuity of learning. We also recommend that direct reports and their managers not be in the same session.

Leadership Coaching

Brevity & Wit has a bench of leadership coaches who work with people looking to develop inclusive leadership skills. Approaches vary by coach, but each coach is certified and fluent in how issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion relate to effective leadership behaviors.

Leadership Assessments

Many leaders find a formal assessment gives them the framework they need to get more out of their coaching experience. We are certified to administer the Intercultural Development Inventory and Diamond Power Index, both of which can help inform a leader’s style and growth.

Vision Setting

It’s hard to generate momentum for change if you don’t know where you’re going. That’s why we believe a strong vision is mission critical for creating a truly inclusive culture. This series of workshops, meetings, and qualitative data gathering helps organizations set a North Star for DEI work that is realistic, thereby fostering trust and momentum for change.


We typically suggest this session follows our three-part inclusive leadership series, though the participants in the visioning sessions can include leaders, influencers, power-brokers and staff.