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Strategic Communications

Ever wonder why some change sticks and some doesn’t? Our strategic communications pros can tell you why—and then show you how to craft more sticky messages! We talk in real ways, saving the insufferable academic jargon for folks who are more interested in being smart than effective. We even sprinkle in a little joy and humor along the way when we can. Change is hard, but that’s no reason to be dull or boring.

Few consulting firms have professionals with this type of deep expertise. Our strategic communications pros can help you reach internal and external audiences effectively.

Curious what this looks like? Read our Case Study.

Strategic Communications Consulting

There is a difference between what you say and what people hear. Our strategic communications consultants know how to craft high-level messaging that speaks to people’s values so that your message really lands. From external impact reports to internal communications to staff, we can help you make the change you want to see a reality.

Skill Building Workshops

If you’re looking to build some of our expertise into your organization, a skill building workshop is your best bet. Some of our most popular workshops include:

Unconscious Bias in Marketing & Branding

More than any other time in human history, consumers are vetting companies based on their social and political values. This workshop helps teams recognize unconscious bias and practice skills to mitigate bias in their work so that your brand can stay relevant.

Unconscious Bias in Editorial Coverage

Journalists and content creators are looking to decenter systems of oppression in their news coverage, but how do you begin to do that? This workshop provides shared language around unconscious bias and how it shows up in the news and content creation. A short simulation and take-home checklist gives attendees the tools to mitigate bias moving forward.

Equity in Communications

A full-day experience based on the book Equity by Brevity & Wit Founder Minal Bopaiah, this workshop shares research and best practices from behavior change communications. Participants learn how to frame communications to engage audiences who may identify differently in terms of political ideology, world outlook, or personal values.

Inclusive Language Advice

While there will never be a comprehensive “checklist” to communicate in the most clear and inclusive way, there are evolving best practices and considerations that are widely accepted. Not sure what the difference between Latino, Latine, and Latinx is? Are you wondering if audiences prefer “people with disabilities” or “disabled people”? No community is a monolith, but we can help.

Our Language Strategist helps organizations consider these questions and determine their path forward. A customized style guide may show how visuals and language may be interpreted and accessed by different audiences. Sections may include: contextualizing images; obtaining informed consent; sourcing and using stock photographs; and writing text alternatives in digital communications (e.g., website, newsletters, social media, etc.).

Brevity & Wit can also audit an organization’s publications and provide recommendations for areas for improvement of language and/or visual assets.