Sophie Greenbaum

Lead Visual Designer

Sophie Greenbaum is an international award winning graphic designer. With more than seven years of design experience, she has a background in developing visual identity, illustration, sustainable packaging, and campaign branding. Her global mindset has made her design work appealing in several countries, including Italy, Cambodia, and Guatemala, where it has been used in mobile apps and branding.

Sophie brings a human-centered design approach to all her projects to help her clients solve the thorniest problems. She has created compelling designs for Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Respectful Confrontation, Elemental Partners, Alluvus, and various professional services firms.

As the first-hired graphic designer for Population Services International (PSI), Sophie led the organization’s worldwide rebranding efforts, garnering praise at high-level PSI events and from partners such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Devex.

In 2016, Sophie assisted in leading PSI’s response to Zika and prototyped the first safe pregnancy kit for women in Zika-affected regions. More than 40,000 kits were produced as a result. She also conducted design research and prototyping workshops in Ethiopia with

Sophie graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in art and design. Aside from being a Big 10 football fan, she knows how to code, travels frequently, and has been on the cover of the Washington Post for her award-winning Peeps marshmallow dioramas.