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Acacia Betancourt

Acacia Betancourt

Creative Director
Pronouns: she/her

Acacia (pronounced “Ah-Kay-Sha”) is a creative director and designer in Washington DC. She has over a decade of versatile visual design experience, and collaborates with clients to develop beautiful, equitable, and cohesive brands that stand the test of time. Working with mission-driven clients fulfills her the most, and she strives to create striking design work that solves problems, resonates with audiences, and brings the soul of an organization to life. Equity and inclusion are central to her design career, and she has a strong commitment to coaching designers of color.

Since 2008, Acacia has worked in a spectrum of settings—from design agencies to in-house at well-known nonprofits. Her wide range of clients include small local businesses, nonprofits, large organizations, and well-known brands. Some of her notable clients include NMAAHC (Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture), ALS Association, Yoga Alliance, Trinity Church Wall Street, Appalachian Regional Commission, GlobalGiving, Newseum, Royal Ontario Museum, and Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

In addition to designing, she works to educate other designers on their role in shaping our culture to be more inclusive and equitable, and to wield their creative power responsibly. She has developed and facilitated trainings and workshops for design teams on how to mitigate bias in the design process, and choose diverse images more consciously. Acacia also runs a learning account on Instagram called SpottingRacism where followers can learn more about how the images in advertising, design, and culture impact our perceptions and actions.

When she’s not designing, Acacia is gardening, creating bags for her Etsy shop, hiking in the forests near DC, and enjoying her rest. Her design portfolio can be found at

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