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Sage Hooks

Sage Hooks

Admin Assistant
Pronouns: they/them

Sage Hooks transitioned from academia to advocacy after completing a Master’s Degree in Communications at Texas A&M, driven by a desire to effect tangible change outside institutional confines. Throughout their professional journey, Sage has championed various causes, from sexual violence prevention among teens and tweens to empowering self-advocates in the IDD community. Their focus extends beyond amplifying voices within marginalized communities to bridging understanding and influence in mainstream and policymaking spheres. In their current role at Brevity and Wit, Sage serves as the meticulous architect of steps and processes, ensuring operational efficiency for the organization. Leveraging a background in nonprofit spheres, academia, and speech and debate, where Sage coached and competed, they bring a keen eye for strategy and communication to the table.

Sage’s personal interests align with their professional pursuits, as they are increasingly drawn to advocating for the neurodivergent community’s right to equitable opportunities. Recognizing systemic barriers, Sage finds purpose in translating complex information into Plain Language documents, democratizing access to vital resources.

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