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Tarine Wright

Tarine Wright

Pronouns: She/Her

Tarine Wright (she/her) is a graphic designer and Washington, DC native who specializes in creative conceptualization, campaign branding, social media design, and motion graphics. Within the past 5 years, Tarine has gained a variety of design experience, working with global health NGOs, teen leadership nonprofits, independent entrepreneurs, and small businesses. More recently, Tarine has been utilizing her skills and knowledge of design to serve the LGBTQ+ community at one of the largest civil rights organizations.

As a graphic designer, Tarine challenges herself to develop & elevate visual concepts in order to create a final product that is eye-catching and conveys an intentional message. A lot of Tarine’s work focuses on typography, color, and layout. She is proficient in designing for social media as well as ever-evolving virtual spaces, programmatic campaigns, branding, motion graphics and digital reports.

In her work, Tarine is always pushing the limits of her creative knowledge. She is eager to learn new techniques and constantly develops her personal aesthetic to better serve clients. Her dedication to her craft and her professional development as a creative makes her a welcome addition to the Brevity & Wit design team.

When not designing, Tarine loves to travel, explore different art mediums, be in nature, and indulge in holistic self-care practices. Her design portfolio can be found at

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