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Todd Zeldin

Todd Zeldin

Senior Web Developer
Pronouns: He/Him

Todd is a seasoned web developer and consultant, specializing in advanced WordPress implementation and strategy.

Versatile, talented, and resourceful, he brings a broad range of skills and experience to the table beyond front-end design/development and back-end programming, including user-experience (UX), user-interface (UI), information architecture (IA), database, payments, and system integrations.

As an independent contractor, he has partnered with international organizations like EngenderHealth and FiftyCrows, as well as dozens more clients representing a vast range of markets and industries, spanning finance & law, health & medicine, education and research, science & technology, politics & community, art & entertainment, retail & services, marketing & advertising, and travel & real estate.

Todd has worked on-staff for nationally recognized internet companies. As Senior Web Engineer for liveBooks, the popular website building platform for professional photography, he developed custom web applications for client processes and management, provisioning and payment systems, and the original corporate website and intranet. Todd was also the first in-house web designer for Homestead Technologies, an early leader in website creation and hosting for consumers and small-business.

Todd graduated from the film school at Northwestern University, and began a career in Hollywood as post-production producer for the 90’s sitcom “Boy Meets World”. Off the clock, he enjoys the outdoor wonders of the Bay Area, and quality time with family
and friends.

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